Hello, I’m Mike Riethmuller

I’m a web developer and I make all sorts of stuff for the web. You can find some of my code work experiments creations shame on CodePen or GitHub and you can talk to me on Twitter.

When I’m not making things for the web I sometimes think about stuff and on rare occasions I write about it. You can find some of my writing here.

Stuff I wrote:

Offline content with service workers

Service workers can do a lot more than make web pages work offline but for most people, myself included, this will be their first experience with them. I recently implemented a simple offline page for my blog and was surprised with how easy it was. Full of confidence, I wanted to do more. I decided to start saving blog posts for offline reading and things escalated quickly. I soon learnt the rabbit hole is deep.

Canvas image manipulation techniques

Canvas is a really interesting piece of our web development toolkit, but it is often overlooked or misunderstood. It is, as the name suggests, very much a blank canvas; not providing much in the way of prebaked solutions. It is up to us as developers to ensure what we make with canvas, is accessible and performant.

How I nested my Sass and lived

Here is a secret. I like to nest my Sass. When I write SCSS I’ll happily go 3 or 4 levels deep. I’m so bad, I don’t even give a shit. I thought I would come out and talk about this because it is so heavily shamed by many developers, and I can’t quite figure out why. At risk of being the target of ridicule, let me explore this a little more.
Stuff I wrote before this

More about me

Oh, hey! You’re still here, good for you! You should know I’m passionate about web development and that doesn’t just mean standards; I’m an advocate for anything and anyone that contributes to good quality web development.

I’ve worked as a front-end developer on some of Australia’s largest websites as well as some of the smallest community sites. When I’m not building sites or blogging I like to experiment with code. I love learning new things and finding techniques that challenge what we think is best practice. Although very few ideas make it into my production toolkit, I find experimentation is the best way learn and the only way to discover new techniques.

I try to share everything I learn, I speak, I blog and sometimes help organise community events & meetups.

I’m available for hire! Why don’t you get in touch?